Suffering for Christ. Victory Through Christ.

1 Peter 3:13-22

Suffering & Victory in Jesus 

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Suffering For Christ & Victory Through Christ Such a beautiful truth that because Jesus has won, we can honor Christ through our suffering!
We MUST anchor our standard of goodness to the the Gospel. If we for moment feel that we are right and that doesn’t align with the bible, we need to look again at our guiding standard. Is it the Gospel?
In verse 13 we see Peter asking a rhetorical question of who is going to harm us if we are zealous for what is good? Nothing!
We see this again in Romans 8 that nothing can separate us from the goodness of God. We continue to see this theme of suffering. We must continue to suffer well. When we so this, we have the beautiful opportunity to share and show Jesus to others.
Verse 18 tells us (again) that Christ suffered ONCE for our sins. Jesus is the victor. He offers such good news of defeating death. God has used and continues to use suffering to take the truth of His word to the ends of the earth!
If you have questions or wondering how to respond to the gospel, please reach out. We are here to chat anytime.

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