Return Evil With Good

1 Peter 3:8-12

Return Evil With Good
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Peter 3:8-12 Returning Evil with Good: Suffering Happens
As a Christian, it is inevitable that we will experience suffering.
➤We must honor Christ through it
In this passage of scripture, Peter gives us 5 traits that help us to suffer well:
➤Be Like Minded: we must unite around the Gospel
➤Be Sympathetic: one commentary put it well that we should not be exploitive but supportive
➤Love One Another: This means to want what’s best for others AND to actively pursue it.
➤Be Compassionate: Have compassion for others
➤Be Humble: There is no place for pride in the Christian’s life
The scripture points us to a different way of living which looks like:
➤Returning evil with good (not with evil)
➤Speaking truth
➤Blessing others
An excellent example os this is Stephen who could have been called to write books of the bible.
Instead he was called to share the Gospel. His last sermon resulted in him praising God and those around him accusing him of blasphemy and stoning him to death.
Stephen’s final words? “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.”
Bonus Point: Saul was one of those doing the stoning. The same Saul whose name was changed to Paul.
Our blessing from God is not the size of our bank accounts, model of our car or our grades, etc.
It is the guarantee that we are HIs!

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